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Powerskating & Skills

45 min of Powerskating combines very advanced skating techniques (edge work) with a mix of high intensity and hockey's essential techniques such as explosion, agility and endurance.

45 min of Skills include advanced moves to improve execution of your puck movement, passing and shooting, as well as game situations drills and small area games. 

They are designed for the elite players, double letters and + , M11 - M18 level.

These sessions require great concentration, determination and intensity from players. 

Dates and times:

Tuesday September 5th at 7pm-8:30pm

Wednesday September 6th at 7pm-8:30pm


Price : $60 per session (taxes included)

Place: Notre Dame High School arena ( 3791 Queen Mary Rd, Montreal, Quebec H3V 1A8)


Payment accepted: cash, cheque or by electronic transfer to

To reserve your place, please contact me with the name of your child, the year of birth and level s/he played last year or will play next year! 

Places are limited, max 12 players!

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