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Summer 2022

These sessions combines very advanced skating techniques (edge work) with a mix of high intensity and hockey's essential techniques such as explosion, agility and endurance. 

They are designed for the elite players, double letters and + , M11 - M18 level.

These sessions require great concentration, determination and intensity from players. 

Dates: July 12, 19, 26

            August 9, 16

Time: 5pm


Price : $45 per session (taxes included)

Place: Notre Dame High School arena ( 3791 Queen Mary Rd, Montreal, Quebec H3V 1A8)


Payment accepted: cash, cheque or by electronic transfer to

To reserve your place, please contact me with the name of your child, the year of birth and level s/he played last year or will play next year! 

Places are limited, max 10 players!

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