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Skating and Skills 1.0 

Spring Break 2020


Skating and Skills 1.0 are skate enhancement and puck control sessions. The sessions are designed to promote the development of individual skills and also to have fun ;)

In the "skating" part, you'll learn a good hockey stance, body position, skating technique, balance, mobility and much more. In the "skills" part, you'll learn the basics of stickhandling, passing and shooting. 

The sessions are designed for beginners of all ages, but also for players who just want to improve their basic skills. 

Dates and time:  March 2nd at 9am - 10:15am 

                               March 6th at 9am - 10:15am



Price : $45 per session

Place: Arena La Prairie (250 Rue du Vice-Roi, La Prairie, QC J5R 0T2)


Payment will be requested before or after the session.   

Payment accepted: cash, cheque or by electronic transfer to

To reserve your place, please contact me with your name to! I'll get back to you with a confirmation asap. Places are limited!

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